Friday, 15 February 2008

Sad New & Good News

I tried to do this entry yesterday in my other blog - ‘Now that I’m retired’, but was unable to upload the photographs, so I decided to try it in my Freda’s Diaries Blog - and it worked - aol you really do try the patience of a saint!!

My intention was to show you photos of my new grand child, Kiska, but a few minutes ago I received a phone call from my niece, Susan, with very sad news. Susan was diagnosed with cancer last year, after lumps which kept appearing spontaneously on different parts of her body were diagnosed as cancerous. As each one was removed, others appeared somewhere else, she has now been told that the cancer has gone to her brain and she has only a few weeks left. Knowing her time might be limited, she and her long term partner had already decided to get married in May and have a big themed wedding, but now they have brought it forward to March and it will be a much more reserved affair, which is rather sad really, she was so looking forward to having a big ‘do’. She had just become an aunty for the first time, which she was delighted about, after being unsuccessful in having children herself.

The good news is that my son Keiron and his wife Yvonne, have now completed their family with a beautiful baby girl which they have named Kiska Jane Freya. She was born on January 16th and weighed in at 8lbs 9oz.

She is a darling little girl, but forever hungry! Her big brother Mason, who is now 21/2 years old is very proud of his baby sister and takes great care of her. Whenever she’s impatient for her feed, he finds her dummy and pops it into her mouth with a ‘open your mouth Kiska’ lol!

So that completes the ‘hat trick’, My neighbour’s daughter, my son and my nephew were all expecting to increase their families in January and now all have been safely delivered - 2 boys and one girl!




jeadie05 said...

That little girl is a real Beauty Freda ,but her Granny is also a lovely lady Mason is a gorgeous little boy you must feel so proud, what a lovely family ,I am so sorry to hear about Susan ,how do you cope with news like that? That cancer is so evil Jan xx

mariealicejoan said...

what a beautiful baby girl.  You are not so bad yourself either!  What a lovely picture of the two of you together.  So sorry to hear about your niece Susan.  :-(  Very sad.

nedmoh said...

Hi Freda ,came here via Jans journal,what a good looking family you are ,baby  Kiska is beautiful and her big brother  looks full of fun ,how sweet of Mason to give Kiska her dummy .
Such sad news of your neice Susan.So sorry  she can't have the big wedding she was planning Jeanxx

jeanno43 said...

Please do an entry in here soon, not been updated in a long time.   ~ Jeannette

jeanno43 said...

I do not know how I missed this entry Freda, such sad news, very sad and I do feel for you and all your family. I hope your baby granddaughter is thriving.